Seedpads - Variety Pack (4)


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Agriolabs' Seedpads make growing the perfect microgreens simple and consistent.

Simply place, add water, and peel once seeds are sprouted, seedpads truly bring your Micro to life, allowing for the best possible results every time. 

Note: Seedpads are currently only ship within North America, we apologize for an inconvenience. For international backers, please check out our blank seed pads.

Seedpad features:

  • Top layer simulates dirt, encouraging healthy root development.
  • Certified organic fibre grow media and seeds (grown & made in Canada). 
  • Safe, Clean & 100% Biodegradable for worry free, dirt free Growing.
  • Perfect seed placement ensures no clumps, preventing mold and seed suffocation.
  • Label doubles as a date tracking card.


Variety pack Includes:

  • Broccoli
  • Arugula
  • Radish
  • Mellow Mix (Broccoli Raab, Crimson Clover and, Purple Kohlrabi)


How many should I buy?

On average you can expect to grow 2-3 seedpads per month per Micro. Backers who pledged for double or quad stacks may go through 6-12 seedpads per month. Please adjust quantity to your needs. 

Shelf life - 1 Year