Micro Starter Kit


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Micro is the easiest way to grow superfood vertically at home in as little as 10 days.

The starter kit gets you up and running with a Powerplate, Micro(s), Seedpads and accessories.


Free Your Ears

Wear earsavers in the way that works for you. They comfortably bend around the contour of your head and take painful mask straps off your ears.

Biodegradable plastic

Concerned with causing more plastic waste? Agriolabs only uses bio-plastics derived from vegetable starches to manufacture our earsavers.

Handled with care

After our earsavers are 3D printed at over 200°C, we clean, package and ship with extreme care and attention to prevent contamination.

Let's do this together.

Thanks to everyone who supported our mission during the first wave we were able to donate tens of thousands of earsavers to first responders all-across Canada. This time we're back with more machines, more staff, and ready to do it all again!