As the Micro is carefully crafted entirely in-house with human and robot hands alike, we only produce 4 units per day. Due to high demand we may be sold out or slightly delayed.

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  • Two micros in marble granite stacked on top of each other with both trays open with fully grown microgreens with a caption at the bottom "sleek and stackable design"
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Micro Starter Kit

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Grow microgreens on autopilot, anywhere.

It fits anywhere and grows food for you while you do nothing. Simply add your favorite seeds and enjoy healthier, better-tasting meals while MICRO does all the work.


Your quiet, out-of-the-way sidekick.

Micro seamlessly slips into your lifestyle to provide a convenient source of fresh greens that are always ready when you are. It will never be the centerpiece, but the food you make will be. Compliments to the chef 😉.


Pro-quality Harvests

A function-first design with pro-level results as our benchmark, Micro is not just a sleek-looking contraption but a dependable tool to serve you in elevating your food one lush, dense, full tray of microgreens at a time. 


Existing customers: If you already have a Powerplate, you can stack up to 4 micros. To purchase add-on Microsclick here.


What's Included

What's included in a micro starter kit

Lifetime Guarantee

Defect or damage that stops you from growing? We'll replace the part or the whole item, it's that simple. For life.

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Free Returns

Free returns, including free return shipping for up to 30 days after you receive your starter kit.

Sustainably Made in Canada

A sustainable and futuristic growing system should be made with a just as sustainable and futuristic manufacturing process right? We though so.

That's why all Micros are made in Oh Canada, at Agriolabs LabOne Alberta using a custom bio-polymer and additive manufacturing process.

Long-live our planet, people, and plants.

Introducing: Micro

Microgreens done right & done for you, while seamlessly blending right into your lifestyle.

the lean, clean, microgreen growin' machine.

"It's clean, out of the way, and takes care of itself. Growing in this little box has been super rewarding!"

- Stephanie L.

Micro saves you time and makes healthy eating a convenient reality.

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  • Prevent mold & fungi with active


  • Self-watering, only refill


  • Lanky & weak greens? Not with Micro's

    60 LEDs

  • Modular Active Ventilation

    Lastly we invented a special airflow ducting system that works perfectly no matter how many micros are in a stack. This also allows your Micro to "breathe" on all four sides keeping stagnant air and other mold-encouraging conditions at bay no matter where you decide to put Micro.

  • The perfect amount of water

    Seedpads are made of a clever natural fibre that's airy yet retains moisture, this works perfectly with a wicking capsule to suck water up from below and prevents over/under-watering. This means no noisy pump that could fail on you and leave you with a dead green mess.

  • Purpose-built LED Grow Panel

    We designed an ultra-efficient LED grow lights to output a specific spectrum and intensity to meet the needs of microgreens allowing for 24/7 growth. The panel is so efficient it runs cold meaning your microgreens have perfectly flat even lighting without risk of burning.

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How Does Micro Work?

Meet Powerplate

The Powerplate sits at the base of your stack and provides power and whisper quiet ventilation for up to four Micros.

Stack & Snap. It's basically magic.

Place Micro on the Powerplate and watch as they snap in place to quickly connect without the need for additional wires.

Meet Seedpad

Pick a Seedpad, place it in the Micro, and fill the reservoir with water. Micro will take care of everything as your Seedpad begins to sprout in the next 2-4 days.

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Peel. Press. Enjoy.

After your seeds have sprouted in about 2-4 days, remove the protective layer and turn on the grow lights. Your sprouts will turn green, and in another few days you'll have a bed of healthy, ready to eat microgreens!

  • Micro Bruschetta

    Micro Bruschetta

    A perfect blend of fresh, light, and savory. This bruschetta is sure to make a great snack & impress guests, especially when they find out you grew the microgreens yourself.

    Try it yourself →

  • The La Jolla Crab Stack

    The La Jolla Crab Stack

    This towering dish might look intimidating, but it’s actually super simple. In fact, it doesn’t require any cooking at all! Minimum effort, maximum wow.

    Try for yourself →

  • Mint, Mango, and Microgreens

    Mint, Mango, and Microgreens

    This is really more of your standard mint and mango juice, but fortified with a selection of highly nutritious microgreens. Gulp it down in the morning and feel great all day.

    Try for yourself →

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