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  • agriolabs matte black micro floating on a white background
  • short timelapse video of an Agriolabs micro with  microgreens growing over the course of 7-10 days
  • A closeup of microgreens grown fully outside of a Micro
  • Agriolabs Micro Starter Kit with microgreens growing inside on a white background
  • close up shot of fully grown micros greens on a white background
  • Micro starter kit with microgreens fully grown with the drawer half out of the micro to showcase the microgreens
  • Two micros in marble granite stacked on top of each other with both trays open with fully grown microgreens with a caption at the bottom "sleek and stackable design"
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Micro (add-on)

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The Micro does not work as a stand-alone, and requires a Powerplate to function.

To Shop Starter Kits and Learn More about Micro, Click Here


Micro is the easiest way to grow superfood vertically at home in as little as 10 days or less.

Add additional Micros to your stack to increase your growing throughput, stagger growth times, and produce a larger variety of microgreens. 

The Micro superfood garden is a modular system that requires a Powerplate to work. One Powerplate can support up to four Micros. This is an individual Micro without the Powerplate or other accessories included in the starter kit.