Micro: Founders Edition

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The Micro is a fresh take on how we grow food in our homes. It's compact, sleek, and does all the work for you.

Note: DUE to the COVID-19 outbreak, our supply lines have been severely impacted and may further delay the availability of Micro units.

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Powerful LED Lighting

Energy efficient and effective red/blue LED grow lights. Lights are arranged thoughtfully behind a diffusion layer that evenly spreads the light and keeps plants from getting too close. 

Modular & Stackable

Stack additional Agriolabs systems to scale up your garden. They'll magnetically click together and transfer power.

Printed with Bio-Plastic

Over 80% of the product is made from a vegetable starch based plastic, which will decay and compost in nature, but will stay strong for many years in your home.

Brain-free Operation

While we designed everything to be as easy as possible for you, there are just three steps you need to take to get the system going. All of which should take you less than three minutes.