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  • agriolabs empty seedpad fiber mats arranged in 4 on a white and gray background
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Empty Seedpads (8 Pack)

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A fresh and clean blank canvas, take our perfectly pre-cut, 100% certified organic natural growth media and grow microgreens or start other plants with your own seeds. 

How to grow:

1. Seed - Spread your seeds as evenly as possible and try to avoid clumping! It may take a few tries to get it right!

2. Place & Water- Place your seeded seedpad in the Micro on the raft and carefully pour water on your seedpad, allowing the excess water to fill the reservoir. Do this until you can see the water level rising to match the seedpad. 

3. Keep Dark - Keep your seeds in the dark in the Micro until they sprout (usually in 1-5 days depending on seeds), once your seeds have sprouted you can turn on the lighting system.

Tips: Weighing down your seeds while they sprout can help ensure healthy growth. If you were an international backer, you may have received an extra weighty cover to help with this.