Ear Savers 30/pack

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Order - Edmonton Area (Free Shipping): If you're in the Edmonton area we can deliver so you can avoid shipping fees, we typically do delivery runs Wednesdays and Fridays.

Donate to front-line workers: We'll take care of all the hard work to bring them to front-line workers and you'll be credited as a donor on our blog post where you'll see all the ears you helped save!

Note: We received a ton of unexpected donations and orders! This is a good thing! But it also means you may experience a lead time of 3-7 days. Bulk orders (over 1000 Ear savers) may be subject to a larger lead time of a few weeks. All orders will be fulfilled in the order they are received with the exception of health workers, who will be prioritized.

33 Cents

Through the power of 3D printing, a pair of ears can be saved for just 33.3333 Cents. These ear savers take the strain of over-ear masks off your ears, and instead onto this comfy little piece of plastic that has 3 adjustable positions. 

The Idea

We first got the idea from Quinn of Scouts Canada on the r/HumansBeingBros Sub-Reddit. Check it out here. We decided it was time we put our robots to work too.

Keep Us Going

So far we've donated and delivered over 400 units to our local front-line workers. However, in order to continue saving all those ears we need to buy more filament, and pay our bills. Your purchase will make sure we can do exactly that. Read our ear savers blog.

Join the fight

Have a 3D printer? Join the fight! and save ears, maybe even some lives. Check out all the cool stuff you can print to help here at hack the pandemic