(Coming Soon) Ruby-Red Beet Seedpads (Pack of 3)

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  • Gorgeous deep red stems contrast slim lush green leaves.
  • Deep earthy flavor similar to fully grown beets
  • Use as a beautiful garnish for bite-sized appetizers or to add a pop of color to salads and other dishes.

Simply add water, and follow the handy instructions on the card and you'll have a lush harvest of ruby red beet microgreens in as little as 12 days.

Each pack includes 3 Seedpads, which each grow approximately 4-6 cups of microgreens!


Coming Soon: We're busy seeding, growing, and eating these microgreens before we release them to the world in a seedpad format. As we guarantee our seedpads, we test, and test, and test again to make sure we can offer a quality seedpad, with quality seeds, resulting in a quality harvest. Check back soon to see if it's ready!

How many should I buy?

On average you can expect to grow 2-3 seedpads per month per Micro. Customers with double or quad stacks may go through 6-12 seedpads per month. Please adjust quantity to your needs. 

Shelf Life

1 Year - Seedpads stored in a cool and dry environment will keep the best.

Certified Organic

Agriolabs Seedpads are made with Certified Organic materials in a CFIA compliant processing area.

  • ★★★★☆

    “Amazing results! Great customer service as well. We're never buying seeds and dirt again. We are sooo happy we've tried this brand!”

    Natalia M.

    (Verified Buyer)

  • ★★★★★

    I'm bad at gardening, and these are a cheap way to make it way easier. Handy to keep around, especially during winter.

    ▬ Mikey T.
    (Verified Buyer)

  • ★★★★☆

    "We love these, helps us chefs keep impressing our guests by having a reliable source of fresh micros. Less time at the grocery store is always a win for me, hope they'll add more soon."

    ▬ Adam S.

    (Verified Buyer)

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How to start a Seedpad

Step 1.

Take the drawer out and put your selected seedpad on the tray.
Step 2.

Water the seedpad to fill the reservoir below.

Step 3.

Follow the blackout & light guides on the seedpad card and remove the black layer when you turn on the lights.

Pro Tips

For best results:

- Use lukewarm water (room temp)

- Add water until the seedpad floats a little to ensure it's complete soaked.

- Refill water every 7 days if you haven't harvested.

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Enjoy and Dispose

When you're ready to harvest, use a pair of clean scissors or a sharp knife, enjoy within 1-2 weeks fresh.
As you harvest microgreens, they will not be able to grow back, the roots of the harvested plants will begin to break down. The Seedpad is single use only, though it is completely compostable.

Seedpad Features

- Top layer simulates dirt, encouraging healthy root development.

- Certified organic fibre grow media and seeds (grown & made in Canada). 

- Safe, Clean & 100% Biodegradable for worry free, dirt free Growing.

- Perfect seed placement ensures no clumps, preventing mold and seed suffocation.

- Label doubles as a date tracking card.