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  • agriolabs arugula seedpad with the paper corner folded to showcase what the seed looks like on a white background
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Rocket Arugula Seedpad (Pack of 4)

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Arugula is a bright and peppery microgreen that grows within 8-12 days. Add it to your sandwiches, salads, soups, or find your own way to get creative with these super versatile microgreens. It is rich in Vitamin K, C, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and provitamin A. It can also contain up to 25% protein!

Agriolabs Seedpads are pre-cut fibre mats pre-seeded with high quality seeds. 

Each pack includes 4x Seedpads.


How many should I buy?

On average you can expect to grow 2-3 seedpads per month per Micro. Customers with double or quad stacks may go through 6-12 seedpads per month. Please adjust quantity to your needs. 

Shelf Life

1 Year - Seedpads stored in a cool and dry environment will keep the best.

Certified Organic

Agriolabs Seedpads are made with Certified Organic materials in a CFIA compliant processing area.

How to Grow

1. Remove the drawer from your Micro and place Seedpad on the raft. 

2. Water your Seedpad generously and completely soak it, continue to add water until the water stops draining which indicates that the reservoir below is full. 

3. Leave lights off for the blackout period as indicated on the Seedpad label.

4. After the blackout period, peel off the black layer and turn on the Micro's lighting system by pressing the button on the front.

Enjoy and Dispose

When you're ready to harvest, use a pair of clean scissors or a sharp knife, enjoy within 1-2 weeks fresh.
As you harvest microgreens, they will not be able to grow back, the roots of the harvested plants will begin to break down. The Seedpad is single use only, though it is completely compostable.

Seedpad Features

- Top layer simulates dirt, encouraging healthy root development.

- Certified organic fibre grow media and seeds (grown & made in Canada). 

- Safe, Clean & 100% Biodegradable for worry free, dirt free Growing.

- Perfect seed placement ensures no clumps, preventing mold and seed suffocation.

- Label doubles as a date tracking card.