Introducing MICRO: Grow Superfoods on Autopilot

It fits anywhere and grows food for you while you do nothing. Simply add your favorite seeds and enjoy healthier meals while MICRO does all the work.

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 award wining design & concept, featured by major polytechnic institution, manufactured & assembled in house.
micro superfood micro footprint micro with some microgreens
Did you know microgreens have up to 50x more nutrients than other full-grown vegetables? This fact combined with its delicious flavours make it perfect for at-home meals.

But, growing them can be a big commitment, from properly watering them and fighting against mold…

Now, MICRO takes care of all the dirty work, helping you enjoy nutritious micro-greens for tasty meals that impress your loved ones.

Imagine all the unused space you could be using to grow nutritious & tasty superfoods at home, on autopilot.

happy couple eating healthy together at a table


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The Trend of Home Gardening

Why grow in a box?

Creating the perfect environment.

MICRO’s contained environment gives it the perfect temperature and humidity to grow healthier microgreens, all while reducing the chance of fungi or mold without the use of harsh chemicals.




Growing microgreens isn't always easy...

uneven growth
slow germination or sprouting
under / over watering




micro is the perfect self-contained growing environment. Micro prevents mold, ensures even growth, provides the perfect amount of water, and is modular so your garden can be customized to fit your space




micro is smart, compact, and efficient

Now, Anyone Can Enjoy Effortless Superfoods At Home

Do you enjoy healthier eating but not the cost associated with it? Imagine being able to pay close to nothing to grow fresh superfoods in the comfort of your home, all with zero effort! You can add homegrown basil onto your next baked pizza or fresh, aromatic mint for your loved one’s chicken dinner.

Growing micro-greens doesn’t have to be difficult… With MICRO, you can choose to grow healthy superfoods at home without the hassle of maintaining a home garden.


in the same footprint of 1 unit from a popular competitor, we can fit 12 micros



This sleek box, grows incredible microgreen goodness, you can stack a whole bunch of them, and leave it alone as it water & lights itself for up to a week




Easier Than Ever.
Meet Dirt-Free Growing. Meet Seedpad.

meet seedpad, a dirt free growing medium. stack of seedpads with broccoli seeds evenly organized on top



Sourced from Alberta, Canada, these seedbeds come with perfectly organized seeds held in place by an organic, rice-based glue.

Once you run out, you can get more from our online store. You can reuse them multiple times or make your own if you’re up for it.


Why Hemp Fibre?

It is the perfect foundation for microgreens because of its ability to store water and create a healthier, more breathable environment for plant roots.

It’s also great at preventing mold and makes it easy for you to harvest your plants without making a mess.


Perfectly Placed Seeds.

Our hemp fibre seedbeds are pre-seeded for your benefit. Uneven seeding can cause clumping, which can lead to mold and other headaches.

With our seedbeds you will always get the best yield.




a variety of seeds lined up on stone concrete shape


Wanna use your own seeds? No problem.

Our empty seedpads are perfect for the growing enthusiast who’s eager to grow to their hearts content. Simply add your own seeds and watch the magic unfold!



How does it work?
Like magic.

No Set-up Required.

introducing the powerplate
Micro, and all of Agriolabs' future modular products will use the Powerplate.
How to use the micro and powerplate set up

The Powerplate and MICRO magnetically snap together, easily transferring power just like a wireless charger. Each Powerplate can power up to 4 Micros.

Want to power more? Stack another Powerplate on top of your fourth micro and keep growing!


3 Simple Steps

Insert your seedpad - Simply place the seeded inside the drawer.



Water Your  Seedpad Generously soak your seedpad while the excess water is stored below. Once the water is at the same height as your seedpad, stop and close the drawer.



Press The Button The LED Matrix and quiet ventilation system creates the perfect environment to grow your microgreens.  Simply continue on with your day and enjoy the rewards later.


Harvesting Is Easier Than Ever

Simply take your seedpad and cut the microgreens with scissors or a knife.



No need to wash as there is no dirt and no chemicals used, just add your microgreens straight into your meal. Whatever you don't harvest can be left on the seedpad to continue growing, ready for the next time you want to add something special to your meal.





What will you
grow with your micro?


 Brocolli? arugula? fenugreek? raddish? amaranth? wheatgrass? Mint?




The possibilities are endless.




experience the hyperlocal movement woman eating delicious healthy meal smiling.

Grow Hyperlocal. Eat Hyperlocal. It's never been easier.

Traditional agriculture is one of the leading causes of carbon emissions worldwide. Growing “hyper-local” means you food doesn’t have to travel thousands of miles to reach you, and cuts out unnecessary middlemen all while delivering you healthier, more affordable food. This is our first step to making hyper-local the new normal.




Micro change macro difference, image of good food and food waste

A small change makes a large difference.

Did you know the average north American throws out about $2000 of food a year?
A majority of that food waste is organic content which produces methane gas, which is 25x more damaging that carbon dioxide.



food wastes consumption of water, fertilizer, landfill volume and land

Hyper-locally grown food reduces demand of less sustainably grown produce, as well as tasting better and staying fresh much longer, reducing the amount of organic waste going to the landfill.


It’s The Small Things That Matter.

smoke showing where micro's vents are.


get to know your micro, grow LED's, air ducts, ventilation fan, grow button, power indicator, growing-platform, water reservoir




contact us


 short timelapse over a week

Busy lifestyle? Can’t always make time to take care of plants?

MICRO is your personal gardener and does all the care taking for you so you can spend more time living. All you need to do is pour water in once per week.



fluffy stuffed dog next to a micro

Micro’s contained environment prevents bugs, rodents, and other pests from easily getting inside and harming your crops. Built for humans, the magnetic drawer keeps even the smartest fluffy companions out.



beautifully discreet, shows the pink flood when all drawers are open vs when they are closed.


No pink flood.

Now, you can only see the lights when you want to. Micro’s enclosed design makes even the largest collections of MICROs easy on your eyes.


3 photos of Micro, micro stack by window, finger pressing power button on micro and etherial neon image of micro





Incredibly even growth with our custom LED matrix.

stack of 3 micros with led's showing

It's not just what LED's you use, it's how you use them.

Our LED lighting pattern is carefully designed to distribute light evenly. Knowing how light works, how it bounces, how to shape it, and diffuse it is just as important in growing superfood as it is in high value cinema productions. This is generally something that our competitors forget about.

Tested for maximum yield.

We've tested light pattern after light pattern… different spacings.. diffusive and reflective materials. We’ve even looked at different curvatures to come up with the most even lighting we can get in a compact space. Our LED system guarantees that all your microgreens will grow to a beautifully uniform height for maximum yield. 



graph of where chlorophyll a and b are most efficient

Why Pink Lighting?

There's a good reason you'll find pink lights in many indoor commercial farms, and MICRO is no different. Using LED's that target the specific wavelengths of light where plants are the most efficient at their photosynthetic process allows us to be more effective with the lighting as well as use less power.  





The power of

The Powerplate system = endless possibilities.

Every unit has zero jacks, and zero holes that you have to plug something into.

Instead they magnetically snap together, securely transmitting power to each other.

All this is possible because of the Power plate which is the base of your stackable garden.


Want More?

The powerplates are stackable too.
Magnetically snap another one on top of your fourth micro, and just keep stacking. Just remember, if you need a ladder, it's probably getting too tall.


Grow your garden your way.

vector outline of stacked micros





a tall stack of 8 micros

micros being nudged slightly and magnetically snapping together

You Have More Space
Than You Know

tall image saying you have more space than you think

There's a reason they don't sell homes by air volume.

Vertical space is often highly underused, even in the most ultra-modern skyrise homes in the biggest cities.

The vertical movement

Even farmers know this, and that's why more and more farmers have switched from farming acres of flat land, to only using a few hundred meters of horizontal space. This smart usage of vertical space allows them to produce the same, or more, food.

Ready For Your Home

Agriolab's makes it easy to grow vertical in your home, and it starts with the Micro.

No Set Up.

No hassle, no prior googling, and definitely no nails, glue, or duct tape.



Our Kickstarter
Reward Tiers Pricing

  • A big personal thank you. $5 CAD
  • Seedpad Vartiety Pack of 8 $15 CAD
  • Agriolabs T-shirt $25 CAD



Single Stack Starter Kits

Includes one Micro, one Powerplate & adapter, and four random Seedpads.

  • Super Early Bird (Limit of 100) $86 CAD
  • Early Bird (Limit of 200) $94 CAD
  • Double Seedpads (Limit of 500) $99 CAD
  • Regular Single Stack $99 CAD



Double Stack Starter Kits

Includes two Micro's, one Powerplate & adapter, and 8 random Seedpads.

  • Super Early Bird (Limit of 100) $134 CAD
  • Early Bird (Limit of 200) $147 CAD
  • Double Seedpads (Limit of 500) $160 CAD
  • Regular Double Stack $160 CAD



Quad Stack Starter Kits

Includes four Micro's, one Powerplate & adapter, and 16 random Seedpads.

  • Super Early Bird (Limit of 100) $239 CAD
  • Early Bird (Limit of 200) $259 CAD
  • Double Seedpads (Limit of 500) $279 CAD
  • Regular Quad Stack $279 CAD



Add On Micro

1x Micro (Growbox Only) , Note: Micro does not work without the Powerplate.

  • Super Early Bird (Limit of 100) $52 CAD
  • Early Bird (Limit of 200) $56 CAD
  • Micro Growbox $60 CAD



Sustainable design is
beautiful design

Additive Manufacturing

Is a term for when you add material when creating something instead of taking away material like subtractive manufacturing.

The most commonly known form of additive manufacturing is 3D printing, which is used in some components of our products with a special high-quality, high-strength version of the bio-polymer called polylactic acid (PLA).


Sustainable To Its Core

Your contribution to less global waste doesn’t just start at your first harvest. With additive manufacturing and high quality,compostable bio-plastics, it begins the moment you invest in an Agriolabs product.

plus manufacturing additive manufacturing






Empowering great design.

3D Printing allows us to create designs that would otherwise be impossible to make without many more parts.

Air paths, ducts, water-reservoirs, and electrical harnesses can all be printed at once, in one piece, reducing the waste and energy use.





the next industrial revolution

How does it work?

Like nature, 3D Printing builds layer by layer, until the finished product is done. This efficient process allows us to use our material to its greatest extent and minimize waste which is good for the environment and our pockets




Robots have arrived, a cool picture of 3d printer farm

The Challenge.

Time. 3D printing takes a long time compared to more traditional forms of additive manufacturing like injection molding.

However, with our print farm growing and constant advances in the technology, we are slowly reaching up to the speeds of traditional manufacturing processes.

We strive to have the best surface finish on all 3D printed parts, whether that means post-processing or working with our material supply partners to source innovative materials to further improve the visual and structural quality.





Our Commitment to Our


Made in O' Canada

toronto cn tower reflected in glass building

Any parts that aren't imported from places like the USA (such as some of the electrical components and raw materials) are manufactured in house in Alberta of good ol' O Canada.


No part left unchecked

checking resistance of micro's electrics

While robots make the parts for the Micro, they're all fully assembled and checked by the real certified humans in our team, this means every single Micro, whether you get a starter pack or 3 stacks will be in working order.

Seriously, we're serious about quality.





Production already in progress

 micro being 3d printed

Will you get what you ordered? Duh, of course. What else are we going to do with all these MICROs we're making? Grow even more microgreens? Supply all our local grocery stores? End dependence on non-sustainable traditional agriculture? Okay well that's actually a good idea, but the point here is that we're already making the MICRO, it's not just an idea, its a reality, and we can't wait to make it your reality.




The bigger picture
Our Mission

Agriolabs was created to solve big problems through cool and novel technologies. We aren't afraid of tackling big problems, we're made for it. With the micro, and the next few home garden systems, our goal is to make it so easy to grow your own food at home that more an more people begin doing it, and therefore put less demand on produce grown less sustainably.

With your help, we get to continue that mission, and solve bigger, cooler problems like cleaning our oceans through natural re-vegetation of kelp forests, feed our astronauts on deep space journeys, create self sufficient communities with automated agriculture, and one day even feed a Mars colony.


Our COVID-19 Response

AHS nurses with our ear savers

Speaking of tackling big problems, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic we launched Project:  Save Ears. We re-purposed our 3D printer farm to make ear savers for all our front-line and essential workers in Canada who were suffering from ear pain resulting in long term mask use. Working with the community, we were able to produce over 20,000(and counting) ear savers.

You can read all about it at the Project: Save Ears Blog Post



The humans behind

Bragging isn't really our style, but we aren't lying when we say we've got the most amazing team ever. Agriolabs was made to tackle big problems by leveraging awesome technology and out of the box thinking. Everyone in the team is a natural problem solver in their own way and we all share the same mission to do good, sustainably.


Team member Jonathan Mui

Jonathan Mui

President, CEO, VP of Design
Team member Eric Chaba

Eric Chaba

Secretary, CFO, VP of Product Engineering
Team member Denise Bermejo

Denise Bermejo

VP of Operations, Web Design & Development
Team Member Will Kabrall

William Kabrall

Lead Marketing Expert

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