An effortless harvest, every time in as little as 7 days.

Micro is a self enclosed, self-sufficient device that grows microgreens on autopilot.

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"I want the microgreens, but I don't want the daily chores." - Ray G

Growing Microgreens can be a big pain, from getting your lighting right, to making sure you remember to mist every day.

The Micro grows them with virtually zero effort from you, so your microgreens are always be ready when you are, where you are.

"Way better than my neighbor's DIY growing setup..."

- Ray G, Not a gardener.

"These little greens make literally anything look like a 5 star meal."

Stephanie L - Cooks on her first date.

"I always eat junk, I hate to admit it, but I'm just so busy. Having the growbox on my desk at work means that adding fresh nutritious greens is no longer a hassle."

Jay S - Nutritent Deficient Busy Person

"Real food over supplements bro, nutrient dense means more room for protein."

Danny T. - Eats 10% Microgreens, 90% protein.

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This is a zero-chore zone.

No more double daily misting, no more rigging grow lights from zipties, and mold prevention without harsh chemicals.

Tech that matters.

Not everything is better with AI or an app. While Micro makes growing look simple and easy, behind the scenes Micro is packed with a custom grow LED array, active modular ventilation system, and a fault-free bottom-up watering system.

Low Commitment

Terrified of the commitment that comes with growing plants? Micro solves that, but not sure about how many Micros you would need to fit your lifestyle? Micro is truly modular so you can start with just one.

Meet Seedpad & never guess again.

Other people guess everything when it comes to Microgreens, seed density, blackout length, seed pressure.
Not you, you have seedpads. Thousands of tiny seeds, perfectly laid out on an incredible natural fibre, covered by a blackout layer. No. More. Guesswork.

All this, backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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