Who we are

A small team on a big mission based in Edmonton, Alberta made up of multi-talented individuals from different backgrounds with love for food, tech, and innovation. Everyday, we strive to bring you a next-level (stacking pun intended) growing experience so you have easy access to pro-level harvest with less waste and none of the chores.

What drives us

The traditional agriculture recipe: Natural resources + inefficient processes = tons of waste and destruction of natural habitats. Pretty unappetizing, huh.

Taking the load off traditional agriculture by growing your own food, in your already climate-controlled home just makes so much sense. We're here to make that easy, sustainable and effective for everyone.

  • Research and Development

    Research and Development

    From polymer chains and light photons to plant morphology.

  • Manufacture


    Low carbon, energy efficient, human-robot collaboration.

  • Test, Eat, & Improve

    Test, Eat, & Improve

    We grow using what we make, and we eat what we grow.

  • Austin


    +MFG LeanTech

    You'll find him tinkering away with robots all day with a screwdriver in one hand, a tube of machine oil in the other as he cracks jokes and maintains our fleet of industrial 3D printers keeping them in tip-top shape, and making you Micros.

  • Fletcher


    Chief Operating Officer

    Strategizing manufacturing workflows, sourcing responsible materials and building clean rooms is just in a day's work for Fletcher.

    That is, if he's not too busy telling dad jokes the whole day.

  • Denise


    EVP, VP Fulfillment

    Tracking orders, assembling micros, packing packages, etc. She's had her hands in a bit of everything since day one. Her crazy work ethic and commitment improvement truly make her an unstoppable force.

  • Jonathan


    CEO, Founder

    From his experience in aquaponics, world class kitchens, and 3D modelling to getting an education in user experience, founding Agriolabs was an obvious next step.

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  • Sustainable Innovation

    We take great care in tracking & minimizing our waste, and incorporating re-used/recycled packing materials. Our primary manufacturing processes use bio-plastics with a fleet of industrial 3D printers. Allowing us to create designs that are otherwise impossible, while using a fraction of the power that traditional processes use.

    We even offset the carbon footprint of each Micro by planting trees.

  • Quality, to the Last Detail.

    Every little corner, surface, curve, ridge has been thought of, over and over again, and again. We spend hundreds of hours pouring over material choices, manufacturing processes, and testing every component to bring you a product we can truly be proud of. And if we didn't get it right, we'll try again and again until we do.

  • Compassion & Transparency

    We're real people just like you, that means we'll also have both good times and bad. What you can depend on though is for us to communicate with you transparently and with compassion to the best of our abilities. Whether this means letting you know of an extended lead time for your order, or to help you get a replacement part so you can keep growing.

What started it all?

Jonathan's story:

"Back in 2019, before the whole world went crazy, I found myself constantly eating cheap fast-food, instant-meals, and other junk as I struggled to maintain a balance between intense schooling and a full-time job.

I wanted to eat better, but my veggies always turned from bright green to brown mush seemingly overnight.

Frustrated with the constant wasted food, lack of convenient fresh veggies, and sick of feeling like crap, I decided it needed to change and nothing seemed more convenient than growing my own food!

Microgreens were the perfect candidate. They grew fast, and were versatile enough to use in just about any meal.

My tiny basement apartment didn't agree though, it had barely any sunlight and the countertops were tiny.

I wasn't ready for the daily chores required to grow well and I killed bags of seeds before I had a finally nailed the secret to an amazing harvest.

That's when the idea of Micro was born. My own personal auto-garden that's self-sustaining, compact, and removed the guesswork. "

- Jonathan Mui, Founder + CEO

Built Ethically

We operate on a triple bottom line, which means we don't just make all our decisions based on profit, unlike some traditional businesses.

We also take into account the effects on the planet, and it's people for every decision we make. The People, Planet, Profit model is the reason we do business a little differently such as planting trees to offset CO2 Emissions, use innovative power efficient machines, and make everything right here in Canada.

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