Micro Bruschetta

Micro Bruschetta

This bruschetta is a slight departure from the original dish, but it's a quick, fun, and delicious appetizer sure to impress your friends and family. 

This appetizer is the perfect balance between light and satisfying. The strawberry and microgreens give it lightness while the cheese and olives fill your mouth with a savory richness.



- Feta cheese, whole block soaked in brine is best.

- An olive tapenade

- Strawberries

- Fresh baguette

- Microgreens (I used Broccoli, Crimson Clover, and Purple Kohlrabi. This variety can be found in our Mellow Mix SeedPad)

 Bruschetta with microgreens from agriolabs seedpad


1. Prepare your baguette, ensure it is fresh, with a slightly firm crust and a soft center. Slice at a slight angle for a slightly longer piece, this will help you keep everything on. 

2. Place your tapenade on the baguette slice, make sure not to get too much oil on the bread. 

3. Remove your Feta cheese from the brine, and lightly pat dry. Slice a thin slice of feta, and you can either crumble it or leave it as one piece and put it on top of the tapenade. 

4. Cut a fresh strawberry into eighths, remember you don't need a lot, this is just to add a hint of sweetness and freshness. 

5. Cut 10-20 stems of microgreens from your Seedpad, I recommend using your fingers to separate the amount you want, then while holding it, cut the stems with a sharp knife or scissors. 

6. Gently place your microgreens on top, I find the finished piece more visually pleasing when the microgreens are a bit more random. Hint, if you're having trouble keeping the microgreens on, use a dab of olive oil from the tapenade to get them to stay. 


That's it! Enjoy with wine, a beer, lemonade, doesn't matter. It works with everything!