How being self-sufficient makes you resilient

How being self-sufficient makes you resilient

At the time of writing this ( early March 2020 ), Canadian media outlets are warning the public that the COVID-19 virus could potentially become a widespread pandemic. Urging the public to stock up on medication, non-perishable foods, and personal hygiene items. 

Go to any grocery store at this time, and you'll notice empty shelves of what used to be toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and canned food. 

If you weren't lucky enough to have the time or foresight to grab these items sooner, it may be a while until you have the opportunity as demand is exceeding supply, and stock replenishment are bought up as quickly as they arrive.

Image of Costco Toilet Paper Sold Out Sign

This is where simply adding a bit of self-sufficiency can change a whole lot. Hardcore doomsday preppers know all about it, but we're not saying that you should go store 100 years worth of canned food in your basement, buy a water purification system, or renovate your entire home to run on solar (though that can be a good idea). Dramatic changes are usually not sustainable without a lot of commitment, discipline, or cold hard cash. 


But what if you grew food at home? 


You wouldn't need to fight the other doomsday preppers at Walmart just to get some canned beans and frozen corn. And instead of getting many cans of less-tasty and less nutritious food, you'd just be stocking up on seeds to grow fresh veggies for you and your family. 

 freshly grown raddish microgreens

Admittedly these seeds probably won't last a million years like some canned foods, but they'll last at least a year when stored properly, and some varieties can even be good for up to 5 years.

That means 4.5 years later, you can grow fresh veggies, not 4.5-year-old canned beans. 



"Okay but growing veggies at home is hard, time-consuming, and I kill every plant I've ever had!" You say. 



[Shameless plug] That's how we can help. Agriolabs makes self-sufficient home garden systems that grow food for you, so you can be self-sustaining. They take away all the hard work and potential heartbreak from killing your plant when you accidentally forget to water your plant for a day or two. 



So now you don't have to depend on grocery stores to always have fresh or preserved veggies in stock. You and your family's nutrition doesn't suffer when outbreaks like COVID-19 hit, and most importantly you can now spend that time doing things that matter instead of fighting over canned food at Walmart. 


Agriolabs systems continue to grow fresh & nutritionally dense veggies, viral outbreak or not. 


Self-sufficiency = Resilience.