Grow fresh Veggies
Without the Extra Chores

Stackable smart in-home garden systems for fresh & sustainable veggies, even for those who can't keep anything alive.

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Image of the micro, a sleek and modular home garden. Image of the micro, a sleek and modular home garden.

Take plants from seed to harvest effortlessly, all in a sleek and modular package.

Image of the micro, a sleek and modular home garden. Image of the micro, a sleek and modular home garden.

Perfectly seeded hemp fiber pads for easy, mess-free growing. Sourced sustainably from Alberta, Canada.



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Developing Seed Glue

behind the brand

The ultimate goal of Agriolabs was to do something about the vast amount of food waste that happens on this planet. We all 
waste food, and some food waste is almost unavoidable, but in North America the average 
household will waste 40% of the food they bring home and that seriously sucks.

So how are we gonna change that?

Decentralize food production.

Well, we can't change the world overnight, but we with the systems we build, we can 
provide our customers with fresh food, grown as locally as it gets: in your own home.

Food grown at home means no transportation & grocery store waste. No unknown chemicals. 
And no more melting veggies in the fridge.

Just fresh veg, whenever you need it.

First Working Prototype
Rapid Passive Cooling Prototype

why we're so darn special

Just kidding,

but seriously though, we're not the next big AI startup, quantum computing scientists, or working on the EV revolution.
Heck, we're not even agriculturalists.

HOWEVER, we do put a TON of time and attention into our products. They are the result of hundreds of iterative versions, tiny user-based design decisions, and endless hours of testing.

Self Sufficiency, Modular design, and Efficiency.

We did everything we could to design Agriolabs' systems to seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle.
Taking great care to ensure they don't become another chore. Or else, you'd just stop using it,
and that defeats the whole point.

We want to make people re-think what growing food at home means. No more daily watering
chores, no more struggling with finding natural sunlight, and no more hogging all your
countertop space.

Testing Different Seeds
Rapid Active Cooling Prototype
Great Humidity and Temperature

so what's next?

Well obviously you can't entirely live on microgreens, so we have plans to create the rest of the line of products. Growboxes for tall & wide veggies like lettuce and cabbage, medium ones for things like chili peppers and spinach, and even
a model for berries. Basically whatever we can
efficiently grow in a tight space and self-sufficiently.We also want to selectively breed seeds that prove to be more efficient and grow quicker, which in turn will help our systems be even better.

Oh yeah, and feeding Elon Musk's Mars colony.
Whenever that happens. 🤷

founded in 2019

down to the last detail